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The ultimate padded protection undershirt for goalkeepers who don’t hold back on the pitch. Dive aggressively, on any ground and stand protected.

Impact Resistant:

High performance polyurethane foam provides extreme protection from impact and abrasion on all key areas of your upper body exposed to the field- shoulders, elbows and ribs. In addition, our groundbreaking chest pad is designed to help you trap hard shots and reduce rebounds.


Breathable, moisture wicking compression fabric keeps you cool (the white version is even cooler, if you are worried about heat due to the sun). The foam morphs to your body to provide a compression feel that will make you forget you are even wearing awe-inducing armor.


You are the last line of defense. You need to inspire your teammates and intimidate your opponents. Put this soccer goalie shirt on, and you will do just that.

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Cheap Jerseys china Another example of bowl logic: The 247 sports site has Minnesota playing Auburn in the Citrus Bowl and explains it this way: \”Minnesota played in this game a few years ago against Missouri, but that team wasn\’t unbeaten through nine weeks with visions of a bigger bowl, either. Fleck. wholesale nike nfl jerseys Auburn fans travel well and the Tigers haven\’t played in this game in more than a decade.\”. Cheap Jerseys china

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Cheap Jerseys from china As a player on the field, there is nothing more than I want than to be an integral part of my team because when I succeed, the team succeeds. We don\’t blame each other for losses and we celebrate together with every win. Coach never criticizes us in a negative tone. Cheap Jerseys from china

Cheap Jerseys from china Destructive comments invite conflict, focusing instead on a constructive statements can alleviate conflict and facilitate results. We should strive to build others up, rather than tear them down. When we are angry we are more likely to tear others down Cheap Jerseys from china.

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